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Golden & Flatcoated Retriever

Updated at 2nd of October 2022- Update page

Our Flatcoated Retriever family...

Miscellaneous pictures

PTCh Angelusparks VI Never Ending Story "Islay"

PTCh Angelusparks IV Bel's Jewel BPW, JE16, GBRJCH, PTJCH, PJW17 "Jewel"

GICH & PTCH, CIE, GrandChampion Castlerock Good Luck Charm to Fenwood GIBW, PTJCh, LJW16, PW17, LW17, BOB17 & 18, LW18, LW19 “Magic”

Our Angels...

PTCh & GICh Dark Devotion Hip Endless Echo JP, BOB05, BOB06, TAN "Hip"

PTCh & GICh Angelusparks Hip's Belisama GIJCH, JP, BOB09, TAN "Bell"

PTCH Dark Devotion Hurricane Huntress LJW, JP, LW, BOB07, TAN "Hurry"

It JCh Dark Devotion Fantastic Fantasy "Take"

Litters & Family Members